The decision to let Mr. Coachman go was not an easy one

The decision to let Mr. Coachman go was not an easy one, but as the season progressed it became apparent that it was a necessary choice for the good of the team overall. To be clear, he was not let go solely on the team’s win/loss record. Each year, the dynamics of the team require coaching flexibility to integrate the various talents of our players while also taking into account such things as opposing team strategies, team morale, and lessons learned. The goal is to be an organization that maximizes our strengths while learning from our losses. As owners, we felt Justin was not responding to necessary changes at a pace commensurate with what is needed to maximize individual player and team potential. As an interim, first-year coach who was filling some very big shoes due to the loss of Brent Clarke so near the beginning of this season, the expectations were perhaps too high given his inexperience in coaching. Player and coaching skillsets are largely distinct, and we realize now that he has not had enough time to grow under the tutelage of an experienced coaching staff. For these reasons, we have chosen to search for a new coach for the season. We wish Mr. Coachman the best and trust that he will continue his professional hockey career. He is a talented player who we have no doubt has the ability to emerge as a fine coach if he so chooses to continue to develop those skills. We look forward to the rest of the season and look forward to seeing everyone in the stands and on the ice!