The Watertown Wolves have another impressive signing to announce, the Canadian defenseman Troy Taylor, who in the previous seasons have played for Birmingham Bulls in the SPHL. Troy is a very skilled defenseman, who will add a lot to an already very good Wolves team.

Troy spent most of his junior years back in his home country Canada and started playing hockey in the USA for Castleton University back in 2016-2017 for a couple of seasons before he got the chance to play for Birmingham Bulls in the SPHL.

”I started playing hockey when I was 2 years old. It was around Christmas time and my mum and dad bought me a mini stick and net. I would spend hours shooting and I even told my dad to get in net to play goalie. From there on out, I fell in love with the game.

I chose to play in Watertown because I’ve heard nothing but great things about the city of Watertown. Coach Clarke is an amazing coach, and I can’t wait to get to play for him and to learn and develop my game.

My thoughts on this upcoming season are nothing but excitement to get back on the ice after a long shut down due to covid. There’s nothing like being able to compete and play the game you love.” The new signing has to say about the upcoming season, his first one in FHL.

Troy is the newest addition to an already very stacked and skilled team, who will go into the 2021-2022 season looking to bring the cup back to Watertown. Coach Brent Clarke has already one cup in Watertown from before, and after a successful stint with Knoxville last year after we sat out last season, we look for revenge.

”Troy is a very highly skilled offensive defenseman, who will help us out especially when it comes to the power play, and since he used to skate with me for years, I know what I’m getting with Troy.” Coach Clarke had to say about the latest signing.

”The more and more I look at our lineup, and the fact that our signings are of such high quality, I have an extremely good feeling for the upcoming season. We’re signing exceptional players to an already very good team, and with a lot of players resigning, I am very eager for the season to start. It feels like we’re gonna have a very successful season, and I can’t wait to see this team hit the ice in a few months, and the feeling is that we will stand there with the trophy in front of the best fans in the league.” Wolves executive Robin Johansson excitedly said after signing Troy.

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