Lane King returns for the 2019/2020 Season!

The Watertown Wolves would like to formally welcome back fan favorite, Lane King!  Lane started with the Wolves last year and will be back this year as Player/Assistant Coach.  We had a few moments to sit down and ask Lane some questions...

 Watertown Wolves:  Last year, you were #10, but this year you have asked to become #9 instead.  Why #9?

 Lane King:  #9 was my Dad's number and I wore it all throughout my youth and in college because of that.

 WW:  You are coming onboard as Player/Assistant Coach this season.  What have you learned from your time with the Wolves last season that you would like to work on with this year’s team?

 LK:  I think last year was really eye opening with how passionate Watertown is about the Wolves.  I'm looking forward to being more involved with the day-to-day operations and hopefully help lead this team to another championship.  I expect our team to be very competitive, with winning as the expectation.

 WW:  You’re a guy that likes to have a lot of fun on and off the ice - what have you been up to during the offseason?

 LK:  I've spent a lot of time working hockey camps.  I've worked camps at the rink in Madison, WI for the last 5 summers and it's a great way to give back and help the youth develop as hockey players and people.

 Thank you, Lane, for taking the time to answer some questions for us.  I know I speak for a vast majority of Wolves fans out there that they are more than excited to see you back on Watertown ice this October!