Welcome back to the pack Chase DiBari!


WATERTOWN, NY - The Watertown Wolves have re-signed Chase DiBari. Chase will be entering his 3rd season as a Wolf. Chase put up 27 points in 43 games. DiBari is a speedster and playmaker, having posted 20 assists last season. When asked about returning to the Wolves, DiBari said “I am excited to come back to Watertown and help the team win another championship and have the privilege to play in front of the best and most loyal fans in the league.”

GM Charlie Pens spoke about Dibari before the re-signing yesterday, “D-Bar is a dangerously fast player, he’s got a ton of talent, I want him to shoot more. He’s by far the fastest player in the league when he gets going. He’s grown here, he’s a great kid, keeps it light, I am happy to have him back.” Welcome back to Watertown, Chase! Howl Yeah!