It has been a very intense and interesting weekend down in Bensenville, Illinois where the first free-agent camp of the season was held. The camp featured 50 players from different parts of the US as well as Canada, and was hosted by both Watertown and the new Binghamton Black Bears.

The camp started with a 90 minute practice Friday morning, and two games on Friday  that were played 4x20 minutes with a running clock, and one on Saturday with the same formula. Saturday also consisted of a goalie session in the morning. The players were divided randomly into one Wolves team and one Black Bears team. We saw some really skilled hockey, and found a couple of players that coach Brent Clarke chose to give a chance for the main camp in October. Here is a little introduction about those players:

Andrew Gammel, a 23-year old forward born in Kamloops, Canada, who in the latest seasons have scored a lot of goals for Western Washington University in the ACHA 2. He also has some experience from a few junior leagues in his home country. He is a small forward with a lethal shot, and he has a lot of similarities with Phil Kessel in the sense that he can score a goal from pretty much anywhere.

Tristen Gillispie, a 20-year old goalie born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Most recently he played in the Swedish team Grästorps IK, where he played both in the junior teams, as well as the senior team. Tristen is a goalie with extremely fast reflexes, and moves extremely fast in net. He can be at one post, and in the next second he’s making a save on the other one. 

Justin Laporte, a 23-year old forward born in Plainville, MA, who has been playing for Providence College the last 4 seasons where he has scored goals on a regular basis. Last season he also signed a PTO for the newly dorment Elmira Enforcers, which shows that he has what it takes to be successful on this level.

Breandan Colgan, a 26-year old goalie born in Wynnewood, PA. He played a lot in the juniors mostly in the Philadelphia area, and had a few seasons with Philadelphia Little Flyers. The last 4 seasons he spent with the West Chester University, where he had 3 shutouts in only 15 games, and he impressed coach Clarke so much that he is worth a PTO. 

Zach Huggins, a 25-year old defenseman born in Gloucester Point, VA, who is a player that likes to use his body to show his presence on the ice. He has played for a couple of different teams and leagues, mostly in the WSHL, and last season he spent with the Northern Illinois University, where he also was one of the assistant captains. He likes to use his body, and he is also not afraid to drop the gloves if he needs to, which his many penalty minutes shows us.

Welcome to the Pack!