Wolves Double up on Knights

By Jay Harris

Watertown, NY - The Watertown Wolves hosted the North Shore Knights at Watertown Municipal Arena Friday night, looking to move up to third place in Federal Hockey League standings. They did just that, with an impressive 8-4 victory over North Shore.

North Shore would be the first to light up the lights with a goal from Jakub Hendrych. John Scully tied the game for the Wolves on a power play goal, assisted by Anton Lennartsson and Tyler Gjurich. Each team would get one more unsuccessful power play before time ran out in the first period.

The teams kept the goal lamps busy in the second period. Anton Lennartsson put the Wolves in the lead off a pass from fellow European Lester Brown. John Scully extended the lead with a shot from the blue line. Matyas Kasek's 5-hole goal from Rob Belger and Dustin Jesseau prompted the Knights to pull Horrance Chung from the net to be replaced by Rick Odria. Marek Malinsky closed in on the Wolves' lead with a goal on a fast break to best Mason Pulde. Kasek's second goal was waived off for committing a hooking penalty during the play. John Scully extended the lead again on a hat trick goal from Lennartsson and Dallas Ingram. The Knights responded with a goal from Krister Bormanis to end the period with a score of 5-3, Watertown.

The goals continued to come in the third period. Dustin Jesseau's goal was assisted by Matyas Kasek and Lester Brown. The seventh goal came from Lester Brown with the aid of Jesseau and Kasek. Rookie Gavin Yates put the eighth goal up for the Wolves on a play from John Scully and Tyler Gjurich. Josh Newberg cut into the lead one last time for the Knights to end the game with a final score of 8-4, Watertown.

Scully's hat trick earned him the 1st Star of the Game. Dustin Jesseau and Lester Brown received 2nd and 3rd Stars respectively for their goals apiece and two assists each.

Watertown travels to Cornwall tomorrow to take on the Nationals, but will be back home for a 3 game series with the Danville Dashers February 9th, 10th, and 11th. Friday and Saturday's games will start at 7:30 PM and Sunday's will start at 7:00 PM.

Photo credit: CMC Advertising Design & Photography